Lilian Varga - Humanitarian Efforts For Children in Costa Rica


Passionate about animals and working out, Lilian Varga was raised in Sweden in a family of entrepreneurs. She moved to the United States on a collegiate tennis scholarship and completed a double major in management and marketing. Having been self-employed most of her life, Lilian Varga has a background in corporate sales, and achieved distinction for her top-tier results over the years.

Currently a Florida resident, Lilian Varga focuses much of her efforts on advocacy for the planet and the humans and animals who reside on a finite Earth. She contributes time and energy to a diversity of organizations focused on humanitarian missions.

Ms. Varga recently had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and participate in promotional activities with two friends who are spearheading the Project 360°: Far Out Kids World Tour. Her focus is on assisting efforts on behalf of children of the indigenous Ngobe population, many of whom are now migrants who work on coffee plantations under inhumane conditions.